Monday, 22 August 2011

URDU book...

my dad gave me this book, Urdu book, named JUB ZINDAGI SHURU HOGI (when the life will start), like two months ago. i keep on changing the topic whenever he asks me about it. :P.

okayyyy, i did start it, but i couldnt catch up with it.

i cant read an urdu kitaab. i mean i respect urdu and all. but i CANNOT read it. its difficult. and verrrryyyyy difficult. :P i remember my first and second year, i used to cram all the tashreehs and muhawaraaat. now, when finally i am over that time, let me enjoy, right. :P.

he asked me again, did u read it? and this time his facial expressions showed he means it. i said yes i did, but i cannot catch up with it. its mushkil abba. he gave me THAT faujio waali look, and i knew i was in trouble. now hes asked me, if not it, then no more ENGLISH books :P dammmmn. so that means i have to put my head in it and try to read it. this is so unfair, right.

and on the top of all, I HAVE GOT ONE FRIGGING WEEK. aaahhhh noooo....

sooo imma try reading it. i keep telling myself, that if he says its good, it has to be good. but i cant help it man. Urdu is just not my thing. sorry, but seriously :P

i hope i finish it. i ll tell you guys if i succeed... *fingers crossed*



  1. OVAIS THANKS A BUNCH :p I cant believe i dint write your name. i had a senior moment, lol.

  2. hey, mahnoor. urdu isn't that bad, depending upon what u read. ive only read one single novel of urdu . which is peer-e-kamil by umera ahmed. and i fell head over heels in love with that. and considering my urdu is very unpolished, since i had to take urdu as language b in my olevel, and ive never had a proper urdu teacher my entire life, i could actually understand the book. and if u succeed in reading this one, ill recommend u read the book ive mentioned. money back guarantee if u dont like it.:P

  3. HAHAHA. This happened with me when my Dad gifted me a book called Beneath the Skin by Nicce something. :D Its was good till half and i don't still know what was in the other half. But he asked once or twice and it was over. Thank GOD. :D

    I can completely understand that intimidating Fauji LOOK. ;D

    Do tell me what it is about! xD

  4. lets hope you finish the book and start reading another and then another and then another...its real fun if you read a quality urdu writer... best of luck :)

  5. Reading any book is a matter of interest... :)
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  6. Thank GOD my dad never gave me any BOOK to read the fact that he was a fauji too :P ' Because he knew "Ye apne course ki bOOks parhle buhat ha :P

    Btw all da best and afta dat we would expect a post from you totally in urdu ( Khaalis Urdu :P ) ;)

  7. Hahahahahaha!
    Sorry, but..

    Been there.
    I actually read the book and told him that I hated it. And I would rather read one of his chemistry or boring geography books than read an Urdu book again!

  8. That really happens, i love Urdu but whenever i am reading any of the book, i am like, do i know this language,
    and then lughat (dictionary) is so hard, i find my exams easy
    and i can't google the words, first i have to translate them
    lol, don't it have a prologue kinda thing, or google about it..:D
    good luck with the book,

  9. Your Dad is a Fauji?

    I love Urdu. My mom made me go for farsi classes so it helped me improve my Urdu. But, stil I can't endure the torture of reading Asfaq ahmed's books. :/

    Good luck!

  10. come'n urdu aint that bad..its one of the most sweet language .and once you know how to read will love urdu give the book an honest try and em sure you will like it..and in case if you have any difficulty ..let me know..em a urdu person..will sort it out for you:-)

  11. @the butterfly effect.. i hope its not. my urdu is very bad, and im very slow at reading it too, so i hope i finish it in one week or max two. if i like it, i will read the book you mentioned for sure =)

    @KN... dads, lol :P

    i will tell you for sure =) so far i think its about the other world, the real world indeed.

    @muhamad israr.. i hope that too. thanks =)

    @asmaa. you are right. but i dont rally think that urdu books are my interest ;-) still giving it a try.

  12. @imad khalid.. U ARE LUCKY THEN ;-)

    and looool, i dont think thats every possible, my ursu sucks as much as my english, the only reason my posts have both the languages. *wink wink*

    @ovais. lol, frankly i used to laugh on my cousins when they used to tell me their dads asked them to read urdu books. now i know how it feels. haha

    yeah well i hope i dont totally hate it, i hope i like it and want to read some more. =)

  13. @ateeq mughal.. u are so right. i mean i remember i used to underline the words and write the meanings after teacher explained them :P. the lughat is so hard.

    when im reading the book, i am just going to ignore the mushkil words :P

    @hamza.. my my, ashfaq ahmed (sahaaab) is my parents favourite :P. i dont really hate ursu, but dont love it too. and farsi must be interstinnnggg, hhmmmmm...

    and yes, my dads an army officer. =)

    @mishi.. i am giving it an honest try. one chapter done :P in about one hour lol. sure imma ask you. and i hope that i like it too, and want to read more. =)

  14. hahaha i can understand...its the same with me i just don't like urdu not that i hate it i just feel it real hard to study :P even i can't speak it properly....:D
    hope u complete it soon :P
    btw those tashrees and muhawarats same problem..hope i get them right this year!

  15. i haven't studied urdu since 7th grade so i try to stay away from urdu novels as much as possible! good luck with finishing the one your dad gave you :D ♥

  16. Urdu is a beautiful language. I made the mistake of not teaching my children urdu language. Now I feel that they are missing a world of poetry and literature and you know something my children get upset when they are not able to follow a conversation in urdu. You are lucky.
    Salaam alaikum, this is Munir over here at Focus. Today as grandparents my husband and me try to talk to our grandkids in urdu.

  17. Lol.. best of luck with finishing the book :p xx

  18. @rosette.. EXACTLY. its very difficult. hope u clear em this time =)

    @furree katt.. thanks a lot =)

    @anonymous.. well urdu is great, hope ur grand children become good urdu speaking bachas =)

    @aman.. thanks =)

  19. hi! its vry sweet of ur father to gift u a book to read... trust me he knows wat he is doing... even though he doesnt know a way to tell you how to enjoy it like he wud...

    i wud love it if my father ever gives me a book... but even he knows the one he is going to recommend will never go above my heads... so its extremely unlucky, our loved ones cannot share the same needs and taste...:(

    but i do think i will try reading this book... it surely seems good to me...

  20. hey love thanks alot =)

    and well yeah, the book sure is good. i enjoy it, the only thing i dont enjoy is that its in urdu :P

    thanks for following my blog =)