Friday, 19 August 2011


okay, well today, my finals result was coming out. you know what i hated about semester system the most, after the BOARD K IMTEHAANAAT :P (board exams), is that you have results all the time. class assignment. mid term. class assignments. and then final. same scene the whole year. ughh. it gets on my nerves now.

anyways, till sehri i couldnt sleep. for i was so darn worried. i kept on changing postures in my bed. i even tried listening to songs to change my worried thoughts. at last, i got up, switched on the laptop ans started you-tubing random stuff. 

after sehri, i tried sleeping again. but in vain. i couldnot sleep, AT ALL. time passed, i kept on praying, saying darud shareef, and i dont know when, but i slept. my phones vibration woke me up. it was a text message from my friend. she was worried too, and couldnt sleep herself. we talked a while, and then i slept again. now here the whole imagination thing starts. i had no clue how i did in the exams. i mean yeah, i knew whatto do, and i did that, but then again who knows how teachers grade you at the end of the semester. i saw that i got 2.7 gpa. dammmmit. sucks. i know, right. i wanted more than 3. well im all worried looking out for teachers, and other people related to all of this thing. i finf a friend of mine in the middle of it. one of my friends, i had texted earlier, to check my result too, if she reaches there early. in my dream, she tells me that dude theres something wrong, it cant be yours. and when i see my result sheet after that, shes right, there some official mistake, and i take it to this uncle we have who solves all our problems, he rechecks it, and there, i have got 3.2 in real. what a relief. i smile. i am happy. ecstatic. and suddenly, i realise, it was a dream. i open my eyes and dammmmmn IT WAS A DREAM. sucks majorly, i know.

then again, i check my phone, say daruud shareef, and sleep some where in between. i see another dream. this time, another of my friend has my sheet, and it says u scored 3 gpa. whoooaaa, i am so glad. for i knew, more than 3 is impossible, after the exams i have taken. i am so excited. i tell all others. 3 gpa, wow. to me, i aced it. and i am all happy, then suddenly my phone vibrates again, and i am awoken. WHAT THE HELLLLLLLL. mannn. fucking shit. not again. im so broken. 

anyways, i dont sleep after that. though my result isnt really good, i am glad i cleared all the coarses :P. but yeah, nt as good as 3.5, the last times :P. 



  1. Hahahah. This happens with me A LOT. I sleep befoe exams dreaming about my question paper, in facr solving it, and during the inter-dream-breaks, i actually get up, and start revising in my mind the question from the dream. :P


    I just got my gpa for 4th semester and it was 3.82, just 0.01 from the 1st guy! So i got 2nd and i was more than DEVASTATED!


  2. @fatima...thanks =), that happened with me too :P. and dude, 3.82...whoa, how do u do that=). i need some good healthy tips. i cant mantain my gpa. sometimes its good and sometimes its super bad. :P
    congrats to u too.=)

  3. its good that you scored good on your exams...yes the board exams are fun that one can have a lot of time to enjoy..but those were in the old days...nowadays...if the exams are for matric then students get enrolled in academies to study the intermediate courses...same is the case with 1st year...and if its after the 2nd year then the entry test stuff is i think semester system is great :) study learn take exam and then forget :)

  4. Mubarak =)

    I have the same thing with exams.. only I give them in my dreams the night before, which means my brain is still studying :p

    I meant to award you on my blog today, but I'm still recovering..

  5. @israr...well you are sososo right. now a days, its like a must, students have to join some academy to score good. its just a myth tough. i dont believe in that, but i have seen people fretting about what academy is best and all... anyways, semester system is fun, but we have to bunk or classes to go hang out :P lol

  6. @ovais...haha, i knowww, i have stopped worrying about exams now, so i end up getting super frustrated about the result :P sucks, indeed :P

    and well, thats completely okay :)