Wednesday, 31 August 2011


so, eid wasnt as bummerastic as i thought it would be. wokeup at 1 30 pm. i slept at 8 am the last night, not that i was doing any thing special in particular, i just couldnt sleep. maybe jealous-y :P or the normal day-dream stuff. but whateves.

anyways, i worked up, changed, put on liner and gloss, did my hair, and actually looked good =). and cause there wasnt anybody frank enough to to be asked for eidi, i just got a 1000 bucks from my dad. all the random crap, eh? i know :P. i was actually thinking about how much everybody back there in Lahore would be enjoying. and how much more eidi they would have gotten. lucky peeps. aaahh yeah, so me? i know, right :P


well, heres the real deal. I GOT FAT. or maybe FATTER. can you believe it? ramadan did that. the unlimited snacks and leftovers in intervals after aftari, and going to bed straight after sehri. it totally turned me into a hipo. (not literally, of course, but metamorphicaly :P) i wore this shirt of mine, i wore like to uni around three weeks back, and man i did feel it got tighter. then on the other day, i tried my old skinnies, and it literally took me around 5 mins to to get it up. =O. OMG. thank God, i wore a long shirt over it otherwise my bums really would have made a scene :P

well, so, i have made up my mind, and i will be going to gym, for like an hour daily, or else i could be turned into a hipo, LITERALLY. i am just not sure, since when i would be starting with this routine :P i hope sooooooooooooooooon.

uni is about to start again, around a week or so left. UNFORTUNATELY, am looking forward to it. i cant wait to meet my friends, and gossip :P i mean who doesnt love gossiping, eh? NO ONE, right? :P

and guess what, my complexions gone fairer. yaaaaaaaaayyy. thanks to staying up at home all month, nd not roaming in the campus =D i totally feel the difference. LOL.

one more thing, i have saved around 3000 bucks, in Ramadan. thanks to i can actually spend them on something i dig. HATS OFF TO ME, RIGHT? drumroll please, *bows* :P. im super excited about my saving. its not so occasionally i save up money, ya see :P



  1. Never call yourself fat!!!! Just tell yourself that you are going to the gym to get healthy. Positive motivation is the best motivation.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. I think you will hear that FAT hojanay wala scene after ramzan from every girl :P '

    I dont know why we GUYS never get Fat may be because we dont notice ourselves and it comes back to normal by its own ;)

    Eidi wala part was same here i mean its just my Dad and my brother who had to offer me Eidi :/

  3. I can tell you what to spend your Eidi on =D

    ME. =D

    High-five to dieting from yesterday. :P

    You should like, come over, since you don't have relatives to go over to.

  4. Metamorphicaly-Fat-Lady you must share your Eidi/saving with us.

    Mujhe Eid Chiaye!

    Fair and Lovely lagi hogi tumne.

    Eid Mubarook.

  5. I think a got fat as well in ramadan:-(
    Spend some of ur eidi in buying an umbrella otherwise the campus roaming will ruin the whole month gains of ur fairness:-P
    Happy eid to u and ur family:-)I think a got fat as well in ramadan:-(
    Spend some of ur eidi in buying an umbrella otherwise the campus roaming will ruin the whole month gains of ur fairness:-P
    Happy eid to u and ur family:-)

  6. u too have 4 grands,
    so am i getting EIDI????
    yes!!!!!!! OMG,
    thank you, :D
    that gym thing, nearly every day i think from tomorrow i should start going to gym, but that tomorrow never comes, and u know where the gym is?
    at my home on 2nd floor :P
    but still susti ka bhoot nai utarta
    hahahah, the fat part was like, bwahahahhahahahaha,
    and u do savings,
    lol,i even in ramadan was unable to save money,
    and fair and lovely does works, :P
    i thought they lied,

  7. LOL. no fair and lovely, i swear =D

    and abt the eidi, ive spent it alreadyyy. ure late. haha ;)

  8. So you're excited about going back to uni :P I always hated that part and wished for never ending vacations. :)

    It seems like you're too concerned about your weight and complexion :D.

    I am sure you had better second day of eid and didn't wake up for the whole night again :P.

  9. You're not fat. Truste me, everyone feels like that. Just be happy with yourself and ignore any comments people make. They're just feeling jealous at your awesomeness =)

  10. @usman.. who is concerned about her apearance? i mean i m a girl :P

    nd the second way pretty much the same, lol.

    @areesha..oh yeah, ure so right =)

  11. mahnoor... join the club, dude. same's the case here. i miss my siblings, i miss mum, dad, and everyone else. its so hard to live all alone. really.

    btw eid mubrak:)

    p.s. where do you live in karachi?

  12. almost every other girl is suffering from omg-i-m-so-fat phenomena after ramadan. luckily i dont face it cuz God knows why i dont gain weight!!! thts actually a blessing especially if u are a grl:)
    joining gym is a great idea but dont get too consious of your protein diet etc..that really dosent help. joining gym n eating healthy food wrks everytime :)

  13. Good Inner personality is the thing of beauty and a joy for ever.
    Personal appearance is important too. It's better to eat a balanced diet and continue with physical exercise Gym or swift walking/jogging or swimming or cycling because shaping up enhances your self esteem which leads to confidence.
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  14. Fat-ness had never been my thing so i actually don't know what to say. I eat like a Rhino and I am slim like a salamander. So, in a way, yeah it's a cool thing.

    Talking about complexion, you have no idea how much i am concerned about it. I am Kashmiri and people expect me to be one of those white girls but the fact is Lahore sun is a bitch. It doesn't let you stay fair for longer. Once reason, university intimidates me.

  15. roflmao I guess this habit of noticing how much weight we put on is something we gals can never leave. ;D

    Fairer?I envy.I'm becoming brown and courtesy goes to sun rays :P

  16. @mahnoor.. SERIOUSLY. i missed everyone back there in lahore so much. i just hope i dont get to spend the BARI eid here alone too.

    and i live in phase 2. =)

    @kiran.. OH YEAH. thats hell of a blessing :P lucky u. yeah, gyms the place for me =)

    @tariq.. well, welcome to my DRAMATIC-TASTIC world =)

    @KOMAL. u are so lucky.
    i really care for complexion too, cause all my family has CHITTAY people and i am the only one darker around. :P

    @sunakshi.. can never leave, INDEED.
    and then put on some sunscreen. and wear big shades, they really help =)

  17. u spent ur eidi,
    man!!! too fast, don't know if you r furious :P

  18. lol, im not furious *wink wink*

  19. hahahaha nice post...:D loved it!:D

    btw dont worry if you got fat...sometimes its better then being skinny...trst me i know!!:P :D

  20. thankeww, and muzna, i loved your post waaaaaaaaaay more. xx

    and lol, yeaaaah, i just hope i come back to NORMAL ;-)

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