Saturday, 13 August 2011

independence day.

to tell you, honesty, i am not a patriot. as in not a wannabee patriot. i mean obvsly i love Pakistan and all, but really? people who do noting about our country the whole year, are just uselessly forwarding you independence day texts. i mean gimme a break. you are the one whose littering our roads, abusing their so called country, telling, man there no freaking future of Pakistan. saying bad things about our good leaders. busy in bribing. i know, things are rough in Pakistan, but hellooo dude, its basically cause of your own bloody self. you love PAKISTAN for just a day, the independence day, and then the following day, you are back to normal. all the loves phooof-ed, as if you have like moved on.

not that i do aloooot of stuff for my country too, but at least i try caring for the little things. and i do all i can. that i can easily do. i am not bluffing, or tooting my own horn. but, we are having a serious talk here. :P.

i am sure you all KNOW such people, and i am sure u hate them too. but, the point is, why cant we do anything about it? why NOT. its our own country, for crying out loud. 


  1. It's called politics.

    Do nothing all year and then be really worked up about it on one day.

    And not being proud of our country enough to support it the rest of the year.

    We don't do anything about it because it's not going to matter to them..

  2. I USED to fret about, why can't we DO something.
    But now I don't. Because, does that crying, fretting do anything positive for the country?


    You are right about once-a-year-patriots. They suck. But still, what are you doing? Hating fellow Pakistanis.

    You can bring a change. Pay your taxes, don't throw litter and if you want to do something more practical, do some volunteer work!

    Hating is easy.

    PS;- Happy Independence day. My comment just reflects my stupid opinion. Nothing serious. =D

  3. You are so right there about on-the-spot patriotism. This happens everywhere.

    And they think they are fulfilling their duty to their country, putting Pakistan ka jhanda on their Facebook and they think they have shown their love for their country. WOW.

    Loved the post. Reflected the truth in nature.

  4. are so right, politics. ugly politicians. and even uglier youth. :(

  5. @hamza...i never used to care about it. seriously.. 14th august meant a day when u can paint your face, have a flag in your hand, and do some fireworks with your friends, till late night. its changed now, i wanna do something. IN REAL. to prove that i care for my country. volunteering is it =) i guesss...


  6. are sooososo right, i mean they sit, change their dps, write go green, update it as their status, and think they have done their part. how embarrassing. literally.

    and worst of all, forward, wannabe patriotic text messages. =(

    and thhanks =)

  7. Its true when the only patriotism in you lies in sending patriotic texts 'updating statuses and putting green dps ' But what i really think is this nation needs a push from behind the back ' We have become lazy because of the situation going in Pakistan and now its too much and its enough already but still its going. It makes us frustrated and 'Baihiss' short We Are HELPLESS at the moment. Everything will be settle doen when we will revive and refresh our concepts about being a muslim is not only tagged as a muslim.

  8. you are right there u know, but we have to get out of our shells and do something in real now. =s