Friday, 12 August 2011

school administration.....UGH

well, i had a day off. and the weathers been too cozy, so for someone like me whos got this waking up early in the morning DISORDER can understand what i mean :P. but nooo i did not get  to sleep till late. i had to be up EARLY for i have an exam tomorrow, and the administration wala told me that i have some attendence issue, which has got to be resolved or else i wont be allowed to take my exam. can u believe it. how pathetic. well then , just like the past three days that i have been following and looking for my teacher, i got up, in this AWESOME mausam (weather), got ready, uggghh, and went to the campus.

i enetered hoping that today i will find her and talk to her. but my bad. shes been busy talking with the director. i mean how pathetic. i know, the directors new, and it will take him time to understand the bloody rules and regulations we have here, but man, he needs some space. you know, watching you, three days in a row, talking to him, does make students think theres something fishy. :P.

aaahhhh, then what, i went looking around, the hall and classrooms so i find some friend. and finally i find a couple of people i know. i wait, with THEM for they need to get some assignments marked too. i mean, how unbelievingly mean. you come here for the sake of students, and all the students are here WAITING for you. that sucks you know, and specially when you have nothing to do, but here just for the sake of some unknown issue u have to take care of, ALONE, how rude of the administration.

well then, after an hour and a half, she finally leaves the director alone. we goooo, OHH YEAAH OHH YEAAAAH. but whattttt the hellllllll. she has some other guy in her so called office already. ewww man, u need to get some grip. helllloooooooooo. students want to talk to you too.

anyway, after a lonnnnggg wait. as in L.O.N.G wait, shes ALONE now and we can go to talk to her. well then without wasting anytime, i step in. she looks at me and goes, hey what? i say, madam i had some attendence issue, REMEMBER. and she says oh baita, that, THAT HAS BEEN RESOLVED.

can you believe it. RESOLVED. then why the hell did i get up EARLY. came in here. waited for you, with a bunch of losers. wasted so much of time. kill me man. oh no, kill you. :@

and then, i give her this wierd look, say ohhhhhhhhhhhhh okaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy. and left. can you imagine. what a start of a day. 


  1. aww np- atleast the problem did not linger over-
    u can catch up ur beauty sleep later =)

  2. well abt that you are right :)

  3. Welcome to the enchanting world of blogging!

  4. :o

    Give her hell from me. :p

  5. @ hamza, geez sure seems fun =)

  6. Hahah. You should have said 'Oh hot lips, tell me what this phone for on your table? You could have told me already!!'.

    Well that what i should have said, IN REAL.

  7. i could never say that, in real. i try to act good in front of teachers :P behind their backs, well you can expect more :P

  8. Its not just your school's administration we've similar administration/management issues everywhere :D.

  9. i knowww =c and this part suckksss...