Sunday, 21 August 2011

the sky is crying too...

it rained here, in Karachi. a little. but enough to make me realize, that the sky itself is crying cos of the bloodshed here =(. the road is just wet. and the clouds are black. it appears that they have so much to say, but are helpless. LIKE US=(.

the past few days, i have seen so many, sin-less people die of the target killing. it kills me too. inside, indeed =(

and i dont know what else to say. got so much more to say, but have no clue where to start from or end.


  1. Yaar This is so sad whatever is happening in Karachi. Yeah, i know sometimes word are hard to find or say. My Allah SWT bless our country Ameen.

    Haye, I want rain too, here in ISlamabad =(
    stay blessed xx

  2. hmmmm yeah Karachi's situation is even disturbing me alot...May Allah help Karachites (Ameen)
    Be safe!

  3. @aman... i know. its so sad. been 4 days in a row, and things are stil the same =( =(

    @rosette princess.. Ameen. thanks =)

  4. It didn't rain at my place =(

    I was waiting for it to and waiting to text people that it was raining.

    And dying to run outside and get wet.


    It'll rain tomorrow! =D

  5. lol sometimes i wanna do the same. i did this when i went to lahore in the mid summer vacation :P. it used to rain there like daily =D

    inshAllah it ll rain tomorrow..=) and hope thats a happy rain...

  6. It is indeed devastating to see people dying like dry leaves falling off the trees in one of those days in autumn.

    But all we can do is raise up our hands to the one who is sending the rain down at us.

    Enjoy the pouring for a while. :)

  7. true that... we are HELPLESS =(

  8. everybody is worried about the situation in karachi except the people who matters..those who decides about our affairs...those people who can make this situation better...those who have the power to end all this...alas!

  9. It is the detailed version on Hamza's blog. ;[

  10. May Allah bring peace to this city and to this country, ameen.

  11. May God bless Karachi with peace and harmony.

  12. ameen @ everyone... =( i hope things get better.

  13. no words to describe how much it hurts to see what Karachi is going through right now..the topic demands a full debate..but what it needs most is our prayers..lets pray we get rid of these A**holes imposed on our heads as Rulers and Lets pray the pple who have lost their dear ones May get enough patience to bear the loss..
    you have a nice page Mahnoor..welcome to Blogging..would like to stalk you:-)

  14. i know. it hurts us. i mean why not the so called leaders. they have to have some humanity u know.

    u are so right, what possibly we can do is pray for them. and for this city and its country.

    thanku so much. im so glad. =) means so much to me=)

  15. When it rains its the sign of Peacefulness everywhere. Even rain looks helpless in giving a peaceful atmosphere.

    The best we all can do is pray.

  16. true... i hope our prayers help!!!