Thursday, 18 August 2011

20 years old!!!!!

i felt different. i felt old. very old. i felt insecure. and i was way more pissed off than excited. i turned 20 on august 16, 2011. whoooohooooaaaa 20. huge figure.

i kept on praying clock stops. time stops. the world stops. (how lame, i know :P). that 16th august, 2011 never comes, but, it DID. clock struck 12 and there you gooo... my sister and brother shouted, HAPPY BIRTHDAAYYY, as if they had nothing better to do, and there and then, the day was here. the day when i wont be a teenager anymore, the day when everyone will call me a grown up. AAAHHHHHHHH.

well then what, my mom and dad gave me a hug. and kisses. and my phone started buzzing. and beeping. and calls and calls, making me believe that the thing have changed now, FOR SURE. my cousins called me first. all three. sisters. saying i wanna talk, its my turn, gimme the phone, its my turn now, (:P thats so cute, right :P .)as if they all wanna tease me over. saying out loud, welcome to the twentiessss, you are officially oldest to all of us. and then again calls and text messages. it was pretty much the same till 2. everyone saying, budhi hogai ho. ohh hoooooo 20. samajhdar hojao ab. (get mature :P). and so much more.

slept, woke up. 4 hours up. ten hours up. and the day was still not over. oh wait, nooooooooo facebook. dammmmmnnn. when i was logging in, i made a silent prayer that please her, make my friends realise its a public place. not my wall pleassse. not my wall. and THANK GOD, here there werent much of the taunts and the teases. whewwwwww. sigh of relief. loads of wishes, and good ones. the ones who teased me over texts, were smooth here :P. they realized i have people here on fb. :P.

anyways, finally the day was about to be over. i was glad. but a little sad too. i mean, though i wasnt very excited, the day was filled with excitement and fun :). even long, lost friends out of nowhere wished me. close friends made me realize how lucky i am to have them. and most of all, i have been given another years to enjot to the fullest. and be thankful for the beautiful life i have. i know the risk of getting married has come very near now :P. but thats ok. im sure my parents could wait, till i am ready. not that they are cnsidering any specific rishta for now, but you know Pakistani parents, dont you :P.

and the day finally came to an end. i enjoyed. actually the insecurity of getting older is the real twist here :P. so, officially i kicked my teens, and welcomed my twenties, and hoped to become a better human being :D.

now when i am 20 years, and two days old, i dont think something major changed. :P. it was my lame head. i did change. changed for good. sooo if you havent turned 20 yet, and are a teen, enjoy it to the most, as you will never get it back, and please dont be scared like i was, cause its one day to be cherished like all the others :) and yeah, cut a cake, unlike me :P.



  1. belated happy birthday...wish you many many more happy birthdays in your life... on the positive side, people will not take you seriously as you are no longer a teenager..people will listen to you... so everything in the world has positives and negatives...ignore the negs...take the positives...move on :)

  2. Belated Happy birthday!!!!
    Haha xD.

    I feel the same. I turned seventeen this April and I not at all looking forward to my 18th. I don't want to grow up =p

    How odd it might have felt to realize you are not a teen anymore =(
    But on the brighter side, you would be feeling mature and wise.

    *Looks at you in admiration and awe*

    Do a post, a long one, about in what ways did things change at twenty!

    Best wishes!

  3. Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!

    I am turning 20 too this september and i already dread that day more than anything for leaving the teen feels like leaving an era of life that i spent without caring about it. :/

    And i can feel it from you post what my birthday is going be like. *shudders*


  5., trust me, 18 is nothing...i were excited when i got 18 lol, for the NIC card, now when i have it, i want the time to be reversedd :P

    sure i will write, once something major changes :D

    and being not a teen anymore sucks... *cries in agony* i want my teens back. nothing but they made you feel as if whole your life is ahead of you. so ENJOYYYY =)

  6., ahhh so u too have got just some days lefttt :P enjoy them to the fullest.

    and i realli hope your birthdays better than mine =) do cut a cake please :P i miss nt doing that :P

    thnaks a bunccchhh =)

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