Monday, 29 August 2011


around 2 months ago, i went to this friends sisters wedding. it wasnt a total out of the ordinary, omgsocooool wedding. but there was a cool element to it. there was this guy, this HAWT guy, i saw and ohmigosh totally forgot everything else (expect for do i look ok for him to notice :P).

i was like LOOK AT ME. LOOK AT ME. U SUCKER, LOOK AT ME, HERRRRRREE, HELLLLOOOOOO. :P trust me. he was like the hottest guy i have seen since like forever. trust me, i study in a fashion institute ans all i get to see there are GAYS. haah haaaahh. like seriously. =O

anyways, i was like there, standing with all my other friends, and praying, please let him see me. pleeeeeeeeeaaassseee.

and then one of my friends said, MAHNOOOR HE TOTALLY CHECKED YOU OUT. wooohoooooo. i was excited. super duper excited. couldnt jump in heels but i was jumping by my face expressions. (u culd have known if you were there :P)

all the time i was like, checking if i look ok. going to get pepsi, and food from near to where hes standing. working around the wooden ramp, just trying to tell him i exist. :P

the time flied then. seriously. just when i was sure he. is. checking. me. out, my dad called me and said, come on it late, im out. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. BLAST.

sooo i went home, and tried to tell myself to forget him. hes just another guy i saw. and i knew i ll be over him in a day or two :P. the next day at uni. my friend, the one whos sisters wedding it was, told me he was one of her friends and all. BUMMER right. i know, here i am trying to get over him, and there shes telling me stuff about him.

ok, well, now after like so much time,specially when i had forgotten him, i get a text, and hes UZAIR, the same guy, i was crushing on, the irony. i was excited, but not excited too. i mean i had moved on.

anyways, i was like, yaaay, hot guys notice me too, yaaay yaaaaay, a mutual crush =D

but here the catch, after a while, when we got friends, other than just strangers, i get to know hes a year YOUNGER to me. fucking stinking shit. now this is the real bummer. LUCKY ME. *bangs head on the wall*.

soooooooo......nothing left to say haaan, =S. but im doing ok. i mean it happens right. he was just too good for me. or maybe, vice versa. I WAS TOO GOOD FOR HIM. (this is what my best friend tellls me, and as i always believe her, imma believe her on this too :D)


  1. Hahahaha XD..Yeh scenes in shadi is so true i mean it happens when ever you see someone pretty or (handsome in your case :P ) You wanted that person to see you ,notice you :D lol..

    Well one year younger doesnt count that much seriously ;)..

  2. A year younger isn't too bad. Look at me. I have a close friend who is super smart and very mature for his age and he really does care me and I like him too but as a brother. I can't let myself like him as more than that. Why? BECAUSE HE'S THREE YEARS YOUNGER THAN ME! So seriously, one year makes no difference at all. I say if you're up for it, go for it! =)

  3. Age doesn't matter as long as he's the only one who makes you feel right. And trust me, you don't find such guys just in another wedding. :)

    He's an crush and it'll be done and you won't even know it. Give yourself some space. [:

  4. man u think being year younger is bad..
    the girl i love is 27 and i am 16:(

  5. hehe!!!!!

    okkk! ill tell u the real deal... its not age... definitely...
    to talk abt facts... who is the rightest guy ever in the world... rasulallah and you know who he married a woman who was 20 yr younger then him...:) so 1 yr pls... i made that mistake... though i dont regret it not a bit, but if u truly love him just know if he is able to make u happy and take care of u and ur needs go for it... God keeps giving us chances until we dont mature up but if we make a solid wrong decision... knowingly... God takes up his hand and says... no more chances... boht hogaya...:)

    say hit it... and even if u fail u will feel great atleast u tried...:) and i promise u wont regret it.. if u do it with a good heart clean heart...:) God never says no to a clean heart...:) yess! but pls never hate urself, just cuz someone cudnt love u... thats the worst thing... ever... we are loveable cuz God loves us! period

  6. You are such a cool person. I honestly love your personality. You have such a vivaciousness and awesomeness. Everyone would love you!!! :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. I used to have the same problem; every cute girl was older than me.
    This one is three years younger though. :P

    You'll find someone who's older than you. With time. :)
    I'm saying that because I can see that age does matter to you. :P

  8. :)u expressed it in a sweet way :) lovely.. and hope for d best :P

  9. age DOES matter to me. alot :P

    and im going with KN and OVAIS :D imma wait untill i find MY real hunk with brains, whose a year or two elder to me :D

  10. honey even if age matters one year is no big deal.

    and besides his good looks, do you really like the guy? if yes, then dont let just a year come in between

  11. aaww...poor you...hope you get someone older than you soon.. :P
    well,i hardly get any such feelings emerged...while my friends get such fits kinda frequently... :p
    keep blogging, stay blessed:D

  12. i don't like guys younger than me either...but never say never! i understand so much the story you narrated, before i met my boyfriend, i used to have the same experiences which most of the time ended me day dreaming about the guy. but i guess it's a normal thing, everyone has those moments haha!

    jos xx

  13. one year younger!!! not that much and basic thing is that age dosent matter. love conqures all so if u both are into each other..go fall in love :)

    following u :)

  14. @mahnoor.. i dont think i really like this guy. maybe thats why am pretty col with all this =)

    @umna khan.. LOL. this fit came after like agesssss to me :P so i think thts completely normal,ehh ? :D

    @jos xx.. LOL. i hope i find someone worth me soooooon :D

    @kiran.. true that =D thanks for following me!!

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