Wednesday, 24 August 2011


there he was. standing and waiting. looking calm and handsome, young and confident, just as he always has been. he was at the airport. waiting for the girl hes loved with all his heart. the one who hes been waiting for around 5 years. today, finally she was coming over. to live with his family, as a family, un till she finds a suitable place to work and live in his country. he was ecstatic. yet nervous. hes meeting the girl hes dreamt of, continuously, day and night, summer and winter. and what not. he checks himself once more in the side mirror of his car, checks if he looks ok. makes a silent prayer, sighs, and and moves towards the door with a smile, the arriving door for its about time.

there she was, waiting for her luggage to arrive, all the long 18 hours trip, shes been thinking, and thinking, and recalling and thinking, if he loves her too. shes so happy, yet very nervous. shes spent the whole previous night, putting on dresses. making sure shes wearing the right dress when she meets him there. shes loved him since the last time they met. only and ONLY him, with all her heart. sobbed n silence, laughed thinking about the fun times they have spent together. standing in the lounge, waiting for the luggage, she gives her final touches her makes to hide the imperfect features, smiles. her luggage is here, she picks that up, sighs and moves ahead for its about time, shes meeting him.

when they last time they met, it were summers. they both were young and not sure about what they really want from their lives. they are family. their parents know each other. they have loved one another for so long, from all their hearts, they know they are the one. they have spent every minute of the last 5 years, thinking of each other, and waited forever for this to come. they have been friends throughout the 5 years. not very good friends, just by-the-way friends. not that they both dint wanna be close friends, they wanted to be close, just none of them had the courage to speak up. they were afraid, if they say so, they might loose the some-some friendship they have got. LIFE CAN BE SO UNFAIR, YET FAIR AT THE SAME TIME. SIGHSSS.

finally today, they meet. they look at each other, eye to eye, and after some seconds they look aside. both are nervously excited. but both are cowards. but they cant help it. thats how life has been to them. she reaches near, he takes her luggage, they smile at each other, and she leaves with him. BOTH UNKNOWN OF THE WORLDS BIGGEST SECRET.


  1. That was cute! :)
    And life would be too easy if it were fair. And don't we all love unfair challenges? :p

  2. Nai nai nai!
    World's biggest secret???

    Oh wait. That they both love each other?
    This is like my story.. in eight years.

    That last sentence surprised me for some reason, I have to admit.
    Otherwise, I loved it.

    I'll have to show this to her.. :p

  3. nice story..i can relate to it :)

  4. Most of the time it happens. We love and we don't tell. And we never tell until it's too late and life teaches us to move on.

    They will never tell cause they are cowards.
    They indeed are.
    We all are.

    Good one, Mahnoor. :)

  5. @aquib.. well, indeed life would be too easy if it were fair. :S

    @ovais.. yeah. lol, thats my story too.oh no wait, i have no clue if HE like me back :P

    surrrrrre. show it to her :P

    @muhammad israr.. thanks =)

    @KN.. we sure are. COWARDS. =( but sometimes you dont wanna loose the person completely. i mean, what if the friendship u got, ends up too :s

    thanks anyways =)

  6. Well one must tell other if they like into eachother hell much.

    Words are there because you could transform your feelings in that.

    If nobody uses it. Its his or her fault. You got to help yourself first.

    btw a very connected and quick kind of post :D I like it.

  7. hey, this was really good:)

    Mahnoor,when you want to write in present tense, you use only one kind of it. if you want to use present continuous, the whole story should be in that tense.

    secondly, use commas. they separate your sentences and prevent them from getting jumbled.

    thirdly, when you are NOT writing in direct speech or as first person, do not emphasize on words by changing their original spellings like "SIGHSSS." and when writing as a third person, you don't get to say what you think of the situation. you express your opinion as one of your characters.

    the idea of the story itself is a really good one. try the above and it'll be perfect:)

  8. when the chemistry i such and the sparks fly everywhere, words are not needed. and if it doesnt work out, or they are in denial, both of them CAN blame the other, because both know that they both know what's going on.

    sometimes even people around you can feel the intensity of what they hold for each other. when that happens, words become a mere formality. and thus, are rarely used. because love like this, changes the whole definition of everything you know, and even the word "love" itself sounds as a lack of expression.

    all i can say is, been there, done that!

  9. This really happens,
    we r just too afraid that what if the reply is
    we just don't ask questions because the answer is predictable.
    but, until we won't ask questions we won't get the answer, the believe and trust make us ask questions.
    well i would say u should tell him that how much u love him, cos few years later u would surely think back and say:
    "what if i had asked him"?
    and this 'IF'is life's greatest pain.

  10. When it comes to love never be a coward. Love is nothing to be afraid of :]

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  12. Aww cute . :D Sounds a bit like my story :D hmm 5 years. and yaay we got engaged in January :P Lucky me Masha'Allah ;) hehe :D

  13. @imad khalid.. well, you are right. thanks alot for liking it =)

    @the butterfly effect.. awwww thank u so muchies. im not a perfectionsist. and my writing skills are totally not polished. thanks alot for the help out there. now when i read it after you told me the faults, i know what u mean :P haha

    thanks once again.. =)

    @ateeq mughal.. what ifs are like th ebiggest questions. realy :S

    you are so right =)

  14. @ifra.. so right. love is nothing to be afraid of. but then again, sometimes u cannot do that. its not possible. :S

    @aman.. mashAllah ure trulyyy blessed then :) and congratulationsss =) x x

  15. anytime, honey. happy to be f help:)

  16. ohh..what a cute story..sweet....and ive to say the introduction was so sweet too...cute :)

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