Friday, 26 August 2011


first of all, im so glad i got so many good comments about the little story i wrote. lol. i know its not the best one, but i have just started writing and its probably gonna take me some time. anyways u made me blushing. literally. :D and the butterfly effect, well thanks so so so much, u gave me the bestest advices =)

well, life is totally random. sleep after sehri. wake up after 3 :P. tv and namaz. then aftaari, and then blogging. no uni, no hangouts, no fun. i realli never thought i would miss my uni and friends, but i really am missing her. now i know why people say they are bored when they are at home, not worrying about homework :P

well, cause of my dads posting, we live ALONE here. alone as in no family in Karachi. all my cousins are totally enjoying there in LAHORE. day before yesterday, my nano had the grand aftari. yesterday, my cousins had one. today, it was at my moms chachas. i know, the relation isnt pretty close, but we are closest friends with them. my cousins text me daily, cause they know im getting super jealous, and they enjoy it. :P i know right. thats sometimes how ur bestest friends behave. I MISS LAHORE SO MUCH, and i wanna be there :(

and other than that, im so bored. massive boredome. i AM reading the kitaab my dad gave my, but im slow. and i cannot read it always :P

tv. well tv is boring too. sometimes theres absolutely nothing coming over. and sometimes every channel has something kewl coming, and u end up getting confused what to see. trust me. :P

and well thats so much for today. theres alot more random stuff going on, but this randomness is enough, no?? :P


  1. Lol wow we are having the same routine :P.. No uni as im done with my BBA in July tou full time chill scene ab hehe bus sona ,namaz and blogging LoL and seriously m missing my uni life too us waqt tha k jan choot jae bus but ab =( missing my friends =(
    Lol and once again good luck with the Book :P

  2. Hahaha kasam se its boring and routine is very random..
    And same here my all relatives lives in Karachi and i live alone my family only in ISB. SO i get this jealous kinda feeling when they all enjoy on shadi's ' picnics and dinners..

  3. you're welcome sweetheart:) and i know how much these pointers matter since i craved for them to improve my writing, and still do.. and darling, my name's mahnoor, too.

    and i so so so totally understand the feeling about missing Lahore. i got married and came to Karachi and i hate this place. I've got no relatives except my in laws and no friends. and i hate my college, which btw, is a financial institution. i miss the weather in Lahore, i miss the greenery, the food, the fruits, the not-so-scary life of my beloved city. i can so relate to this post:)

  4. i too don't have any cousins here in karachi, and i know how it feels
    no celebrations, no fun of get togethers and u know what i haven't just even met all of my cousins :(
    and that boredom part so true, i jst can't spent my sturdays and sundays without getting bored.

  5. i know. it sucks, you sitting, doing nothing or fighting with your siblings and all the others enjoying TOGETHER. what could be possibly worse than that. :P

    @aman.. then u might wanna start your preps, u wuld be getting marreid soon? :P


    @the butterfly effect.. JINXXX =D hehe

    @ateeq.. man, i have been doing the same since one week :P

    *boredom struck*

  6. routine is same :D
    I can understand the posting thingie my father is also an army officer and we just shifted to mangla from hyderabad few months ago and i thank God that its near Lahore ( yeah i belong to lahore too):D
    I used to be just like you.. jealous all the time from my cousins!

  7. Ohhh. No wonder =/

    Well. I hope Karachi gets better!!!

  8. the new background is much better than the old one. :D
    and i just don't have friends at my place, :(
    so i am all alone, like mr.lonely

  9. @rosette. JINX to you too. i have never been to mangla. always wanted to. but yeah lucky, u can like visit like every week. i envy you =D lol

    enjoy ur army life, ure gonna miss it later. my dads gonna retire widin two months. and i dont want that day to come, ever. =( i loath it.

    @ovais, yeah i hope that too...

    @ateeq.. thanks =D
    and ummm same here, all alone.

  10. It sounds like you have so much fun!! I wish my weekends were as relaxing.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  11. i neverrrr knew u were THIS creative:p muahhhx to u:D:p lubbyaa babe..miss u:((
    name: u-knw-who :P

  12. thanks a bunch babe =D

    im not-so-creative :P

    hugs and kissssses :D