Wednesday, 10 August 2011

lost a friend

okay, it must hav occurred to all of you at like some moment in your life, some time. it does. cos no matter how kool i have tried to stay, and showed to too, i do miss my old friends. no matter what, they have been a part of my life, some time i have known. i am always scared, when i start hanging out with someone new, cause, life is mean like most of the time.

so there, like a few months ago, i had known this friend. we were super cool, as in c.o.o.l, really. we used to talk about anything and everything.  late night talks, discussing useless stuff. even cigarette brands LOL. now its all gone, and i miss him.

the most intersting part, we had like never met. he was my bestfriends boyfriend. and thats how i got to know about him, i loved him, for i knew noone out there, can love her more than this guy does. he understood everything. never argued about useless stuff. always considerate. always thoughtful. always loving. aaaahhh, never known a better guy in my life. and to clear the misunderstanding, i was never jealous. nope. n.e.v.e.r. i always envied her.

and just like the other days, one day they both just texted me, told me, things have gotten tough. messed up. and i got all shocked. but then, sometimes somethings are not meant to be. unfair but true.

now me and my bezzies still got both of us, but he, man hes alone. hes lost the one he loved from all his heart, but also, the one true friend he could share everything with.

not that i havent triead ever to talk to him. i did text him alot of times before, for he was the one who said you dont leave me, but he never tried to be friends now. we havent really gotten off the track. we see eachother online of facebook often, but then again, we arent the friends we used to be anymore. we are just the people we know. just PEOPLE. and i miss the friend i knew.

i dont curse him or anything. i mean i know things havent been easier for him. for if ever he needs someone he can trust, always, i know he will think of me, and i will always cherish the fun times i have had with him.


  1. Well if he had been dumb enough to not make a move to save such a good friendship, then perhaps you should. I have had many friends lost cause of 'things have not been better enough for us'.

    Don't lost them, cause you know it hurts you. Maybe it hurts them as well. Ask them and clear the air. Be blunt and be open. :)

    Good luck with blogging! :))

  2. =) thanks for the help there :)

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