Saturday, 20 August 2011

craving for metal rock :P

i made a pact. that i aint going to listen to any songs in Ramadan. i am going to be a good Muslim. at least imma try real real hard. big. but guess where i ended, i ended up craving for hard, metal rock :P. it brings shame to me too, but i cant help myself. :P.


ps this is the music i can listen to no matter what mood i am in. i know its no super metal rock. :P

pps.. im over to say my prayers. :D


  1. :D i didn't make this pact because i knew i would be breaking it. I LISTEN TO MUSIC DURING MY ROZA :O
    thanks for following my blog! ♥

  2. i listen to music too =( how sad right... im addicted.

    tthanks for following mine too =)

  3. I made a pact that I won't listen to music while I ma fasting.
    Til now, I am successful =D

  4. I decided.. made a pact.. that I would definitely listen to music while fasting. :p

    No point in changing habits for a month.

    The Script & Enrique are just as awesome!!

  5. Hahah.
    I made a similar promise to myself like Hamza's and i pretty much obeyed it till now but i can't help it right after i am listening to instrumental like madly.

    Yeah i love Snow Patrol and One Republics and U2 and manymanymore. But instrumental is what i am in total in love with nowadays. <3

    This post was epically invoking! We all do almost same thing nowadays. :D

  6. @hamza...congrats.. just 11 days to go, u can do it =D i envy you =)

    @ovais...loll, well yess The Script are amazing, but um over enrique iglesias now...

  7. @KN...loll, snow patrol and u2 are uh-mazing. =)

    i knowww, i wish we were stronger.. =s

  8. i make it point every ramzan to not listen to songs through out the month...and you know what I AM SUCCESSFUL!:DDDD
    btw em ur new follower...hope you follow bak:)

  9. Atleast you are in one of those who actually make some effort not to listen in ramzan :)

    If we are doing Bad things and accepting it that Yeah its bad but...

    Then this can really help us even leaving them totally when we have a total command on ourselves.

    Your New follower.

  10. @the floodgate of feelings... u have some real strong will man =) and thanks for following me

    @imad khalid.. i guess.. you are right. i hope next time, i can have a total command on myself =)
    thanks for following =)