Monday, 13 August 2012

LOVE, to y'all.

Its funny how time flies, and we never imagine, we're making memories. Memories to be cherished, always. Memories to be lived on. Because, we were too busy having FUN. 

Yes Rabia, I remember the first day we met. I remember how we stencil
led together. I still remember how you called me up in the morning, 6ish, laughed when you heard my voice, and said, "so rai thee na?".
But, we prayed together, that the strike is for real, and our exams get postponed. And, they did. Yes, the Power-Of-Us.
And how last summer, I loathed, and got upset, when you told me, you'd be going to Doo-bai, and I'd have to take the first week of classes Alone. Oh, how I prayed, I could go somewhere too. So, I wouldn't be alone. And luckily, our classes did start late, but you got your ankle sprained.
Yes. And I hated, hated, hated, being alone. For my biggest fear did come true.

Yeas. Virtual lab, it was. How I used to make fun of G, before? Well, that all changed. There he was, all nice and friendly.
And there came Uroosa. Roo Roo. "Mahnoor, did you understand the layer shit?"
Uroosa, the things I remember.
And then, I befriended you and G, for I didn't have Rabia. For I was alone. And well, since then, I've never been happier. We've had something special. Something real. A bond.
How you told what you really thought of G, Roo? Well, Rabia and I, talked about that for days. Because, we did find it true.
*and now I think, if Rabia, you didn't have had your ankle sprained, we would've never known, Uroosa and G.*

How since then, no day has gone by, when we hadn't thought about eachother. How we'd made G a fool, so many times. How we'd been a pain in the ass, for everyone. How we'd stolen eachothers cells, and enjoyed the overwhelming facial-emotions. How we'd come early, and stayed till late for draping. How we'd crushed over and cursed teachers together. How we'd enjoyed during the students council elections, and thought we're the best. How we'd bunked classes and had biryani together. How we'd fancied the guy, Nash is dating now. How we'd stayed back till it were too late to stay and gossiped together. How we'd have Chai together, three times a day. How we'd post on eachothers walls to tell how special we are. How we'd escaped the firing together. How we'd planned to go for a hangout and ended up calling our drivers to take us homes instead. How we'd enjoyed making Rabia mad, at literall non-sense. How I'd bla, bla, bla-ed in front of the teachers (kicked-asses, we've). How we would never finish our work before the submission is one week late. How we'd promissed eachother we'd study, seriously, starting tomorrow.
How amazingly we've grown into, WE. US. And, how lucky we're.

I love YOU, to bits and pieces. YES. And I mean it. EVERYword of it.
I know I'm ME. And I'm mean, and dirty. And I'm not-very-talktive. And I'm careless, and stupid yet funny at times. And I REALLY like that one guy I'd never get. And I'm always mad at life.
But I know, I'm happy and I have the most gorgeously-wonder-foooool-er-est friends in the whole wide world.
I wouldn't have imagined my uni without you. And I DON'T. My uni, and my life. NAWWW.
Oh, how this makes me G-sick. Lol.
ThankYOU, for everything.

Right now, when I sit, and write this, I feel ecstatic. I feel lucky. I feel, my lifes perfect. It IS, indeed!
Yes, I know, you TWO, feel special too, but you're more special-er than THIS. WAY MORE. Promise.
Rabia, I had to do something for your Birthday, since I can't do anything else.
Uroosa, I wrote this at 8 in the morning, when I told the world I'm off to sleep, cause I wanted to be with you TWO. And because, I promised, I'll write something. For US.

So, here IS to us. To all the crazy, insane things we've DONE so far. To all the crazy, insane things we'll DO together. To the love we bear for eachother. To being lucky enough to have found eacother. To US.

I wrote this for my UniversityLovers. Just felt like sharing.

How you've all been? I'm fine. And I love this month. It keeps giving me a ray of positivity. Hope. Believe.
Yes, i'm blogger-sick. Double yes, I miss you peeps more. 
But, i can't write. I mean, the thing i posted above, is just dumb-shit. I can write that. But i can't write, write. 
See, i don't even make sense. :o

Pray for me, i need prayers. Loads. 
Take care. And I'll try posting something in detail soon. 

All smiles* :)