Saturday, 24 September 2011

what is wrong with THAT?

my friend: buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. mahnooooooooooooooooooooooor???????

me: yeah?

my friend: mahnoor_babar follows justin bieber? =o

me: yeaah! :P

my friend: ahh. you and your standards!!

me: *dumbfounded*

what is wrong with me liking Justin Bieber? :O


  1. LOL =))

    when Daniel Radcliffe was being interviewed, the journalist asked him about his taste in music and about young singers like Justin Bieber. This was his reply.

    "I seriously thought it was a girl singing"

    :P XD

  2. Who is this fortunate Justin Bieber?
    Your audience is not fully aware what's going on there--

  3. hahahahahah theres nothing wrong in that everyone have different choices :P :P

  4. Nooothing. :D
    Don't be mean to Justin Bieber, she has feelings too :(

  5. ^LOL at the she.
    Acha dekho.
    My friends once told me to listen to Edward Maya and Justin Bieber. I thought both were guys.
    When I listened to Justin Bieber, I asked her if she was sure that it was a guy singing. She got mad and said that I was making fun of him.

    That was my honest and innocent reaction.

  6. lolz.....Mahnoor plz dont kill me for that..but seriously! Justin Bieber???!!!!!!

    hahahahaha kidding...well there is nothing bad about it..everyone has a different taste of just stick with what you like ..forget what people think of it..and @Ovais..yes I thought the same for a very very long period of time...I thought its some cute girl's voice..wasay we should give him the credit for being such a Hero at such a young age...Young girls all around the Globe love him like anything..and we should respect that..some of his songs are really good wasay:-)

  7. I actually feel sorry for Justin Bieber. He's not a bad singer, he's just one of those unfortunate people who has been roped into doing these kind of shows like Rebecca Black. I've heard her sing the US anthem and she actually has a good song. These kids deserve more credit. Besides, even if Bieber is gay, so what? The dude who plays Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother is gay!

  8. hahahaha i also thought he was a girl pehle :P

  9. Before I forget, you got an award on my blog =)

  10. Hahaha.. lol. But of course, there is nothing wrong with that. :)

  11. well...the kid grabbed a few awards including the MTV so it means millions follow him... i personally dont listen to him much but i followed him on fb :)

  12. =D
    whatsoever, hes a shes or shes a he, his songs are great, as in the lyrics and the music, enjoy them and forget the fact its a he or she, u wll enjoy, trust me :D