Tuesday, 6 September 2011

weird thoughts

sometimes time takes us back to the thought, of imagining the pity time, wanting what you have wanted the most. through days and nights have passed, you craving for that one thing. and now, times have changed, you have known what you have asked for, never meant to be yours.

u now know that you have to live with the fact, that what you wanted had Gods will and it might turn out good for you.

but there is a little pain inside you, still wondering what I really wanted, actually that bad? was it really going to hurt you. or someone? intentionally or unintentionally?

and then you realize its too late to even think of it. SOMETHINGS JUST AREN'T MEANT TO BE. 


  1. Yes! very true of course.
    ****weird is you didn't join my site yet.
    A new topic will pop up soon.

  2. very true... at different stages of life we long for different things and when that phase is over than we look back and think oh what if i have gotten that thing i so much wanted... there will always be ifs and buts no matter if we get something or not :)

  3. Hmmm true... :) Sometimes it's too late to make things right... :)
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  4. That is sad =(

    But you usually get what is best for you, even though you have to wait. So isn't that better?

  5. indeed \wahi hota he jo manzur-e-khuda hota he,
    i believe everything is predestined,

  6. sometimes u just have to leave things on God's will. hope everything gets better.

  7. That is Sad =(
    but its true that everything happens for a better reason. And Allah SWT knows best. =)

  8. Is it God's will you don't pay attention to some bloggers?

  9. May be the thing we wanted is the one we liked a lot but the thing we get is something we start to love :)