Sunday, 18 September 2011

a BIRTHDAY/love letter to my best friend

welcome to twenties nudrat apa, how does it feel? let me guess, bold and beautiful? no, yea? lol. i so know how it feels, feel as if u have entered into this world where only OLD people live, and u are a part of them? if yes then great, cause trust me i have felt even worse :P how i felt, lets not talk about it, i wanna talk about YOU  . *stretches out arms wide and waits for you to hug*

well, 20 years back, on 16th august, a girl was born. her family was so excited, to have a little girl a part of them. but exactly after 1 month and 3 days, on 19th sep, an even cuter and a prettier girl was born. the family got excited-er. every one was holding that baby girl, and the other baby, the older one, saw the girl with envious eyes, and she grew with rage and grudge against her. cause the new one came, and every one has forgotten the older one. *wink wink*

so the one month and three days older baby girl is me, and the younger one is nudrat apa. *why i call her apa, well thats another, long story :P)

which makes us, known to each other, all our lives.

time pased by and we grew closer, rather than apart. a-lot years back, we werent as close as we are today, and used t fight over silly, stupid things, and get jealous, for the other one had a better frock, or the other one got more eidi :Pits when we were kids and had no idea, what really life is, and how mean the people are. now, i cannot imagine my life without you. i love you so much!

our moms are sisters, and our dads are brothers, so that makes us even closer. the nanial (moms side) and dadial (dads side) are the same. we know everyone in our lives, i reckon :P. so we bicker, and backbite, and gossip about EVERYONE. its just so much fun.

i love you to bits nudrat apa.u have been everything to me. without yu i am incomplete. you are a part of me. you have been the mother to me, the one i could bug anytime to ask for advices. you have been the father to me, the father who dint understand ealier, what i wanted from my life. the sister, who is my age-fellow. the brother, who is strong, and can take steps for me. the bet friend, i could share everything with, and the one who tells me whats looks best on me. the intelligent grade-fellow, who could tell me, what important and whats not. the cousin, who is family. the boyfriend, i could always and always text, and share all my ecrets with. the career counselor, who told me what i am best at. the lawyer, who told me, doing what i want in my life is my right and i should fight for it. the stronger part of me, who always helped me, get over lame guys i liked.

you live in lahore, and i live in karachi. we have never lived in the same home stations, but have to wait for long days and nights, and bloody weekend when we can see each other. specially when i am in lahore at nanos, and we cant wait to see each other, and we make plans how we could talk our parents, to get to take us to the other place, just so we could be together. we have those slumber parties and we sing songs aloud and just do crazy crazy stuff together.

i long for days when i could be with you. even right now. not cause only i love you, but cause i enjoy so  much with you.

nudrat apa, you are the most beautiful girl i know. and the best thing that has ever happened to me. i want the very best for you. i wish and pray, that your days be brighter and nights be brighter-er.and i pray your life be worry-less, and you get whats best for you. DONT LEAVE ME, EVER. take good care of yours, and dont get ill again. i am of you, the way u fulfilled your dream, and the way u took care of nanos place when nana abu died, and how caring and beautiful you are, damn, i still envy you! :P

i hope you get someone whos hot, and handsome, and caring and rich, and who will love you for you, till death. not only cause i want that for you, i do, really, but also cause, you fucking deserve it :D

writing this was the only thing i could do, and which was the easiest :P but i mean each and every word i wrote. i know i havent been ME, lately, and am sorry for that.i wish i were there with you, right now. hugs and kisses. much love. x x. stay blessed.

heres one of the BEST pictures we have had together, and the one i could post :P
(the pretty one is she, i.e the one on the right side :P)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, beautiful. keep smiling =)


  1. awwwwwww thats so sweet :D Everyone have one person like this in their life...!
    wish her a very happy birthday and May Allah give u both a long happy life =) (ameen)

    btw the pik is so cute...u both ~♥~ awsum!

  2. so sweet! may you two live connected all your Lives..and hey Happy Birthday to your Lovely Friend..jiyu hazaro bhi kehna us ko:-)

  3. This is the sweetest thing ever. You guys are adorable. :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO UR APA:D this was a very sweet post:)

    i read your comments on my posts... they were.. they meant a lot.and I'm not much of a writer, the only thing i have, is a grip on grammar. i have no vocabulary. but writing is my passion. one of the few things that gives me peace... and whatever i write about... of course there is an inspiration, something that triggers it. it is sometimes pain and sometimes pleasure. when i have no ear to whom i can rant, i vent it out through a pen, or, in this case, through a keyboard:D

    this way people can't judge me through my experiences, they only see the pain in the characters of my story, they can't pin point the thing that actually compelled me.

    sometimes in our lives we go through things that we can tell nobody, of which we're guilty of. and then we go in the pursuit of finding a reason to forgive ourselves. some find it soon, some keep looking, for their whole lives... as for me, I'm doing merely the same, and if, in the process, my writing improves, it'll be a value added advantage:)

  5. nice ! Not everyone is lucky i guess....

  6. aww, this was extremely adorable. you're so sweet, mahnoor! i totally felt all the love and warmth this letter contained whilst reading it.
    and your nudrat apa is indeed very pretty ♥

  7. I don't aww around much but OMG aw (made me smile) @ even cuter and a prettier girl was born. the family got excited-er
    And your nanial and dadial is samee? This is so awesome :D andddd i couldn't help nodding my head at how your relationship with sister only gets BETTER at age. You don't fret over why you stole my clothes, and why did you tell mom about this and blah :P
    Anddd, you both have exemplary names. Mahnoor means the moon's light, no? What does Nudrat mean? :)
    AND, finally , wishing you a beaautiful year ahead, Nudrat Apa (the fact that you call her apa is also ammusing heeehe -_- )
    This is an adorable way to wish someone. :D

  8. mahnur aapaaaaaaaaa:D eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:P i cant stop smiling :) its beautiful:) every word..thank you so soooo sooooooo much.... i love you..i love you more than anyone in my life:)) ure the best thing i ever got..and THIS...:) wow...ive got NO words..this is beautful..the most precious gift i could ever get:)) muahmuah..i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu:P thanks a million:) please know that am always there for you NO-MATTER-WHAT:) i'll always be your lawyer,sister,brother..:P most importantly, your friend:)
    and i envy you more gorgeous:P ure THE HAWT one:P lol muahhxxx
    thankyeww sooooo much for the prayers:)
    i love you:)

    urs nudrat aapa:P

  9. This is nice =D

    You two look alike, a bit. =D

  10. Twin cousins I would call it--because you look alike except your cousin has longer hair.
    Mahnoor! nice little story about you and your cousin.
    The way you expressed here is inspirational of course.
    Happy birth day to your enviable cousin!

  11. thankeww @ everyone. she sure is worthy of all i wrote.

    and nooooooo way we look similar. hell of difference.

    @nudrat apa.. I LOVE YOU MORE!

  12. belated happy birthday and many many happy returns of the day :) as there is no cake left so cannot do much tareef :P

    i hope you get the same as you prayed for your apa :) and dont dare come to lahore these days because of dengue :P :)

    enjoy the party...havve fun :)