Sunday, 11 September 2011

the HEAD of the house

i have been doing thinking, these last few days. obviously, we are humans and we are not inevitable. our dreams die. most of all, we die. cause thats why we were born on the first place. i have felt alone. and i have felt guilt too. i am guilty, cause i couldnt be there with my family, and cousins, when they needed me the most. when they were in such a mess.

on the other hand, all my life, i have heard people say that their parents werent in town, and they are under no supervision at all. all alone, allowed to do whatever they want. sounds cool, yeah? no, trust me. all my life i have envied such people, but, these few days, when mom and dad are away, far  far away in Lahore, i miss them so much. i wish time passes soon, and they come back soon too.

i am the leader, of my siblings now a days, and thats just so not easy. i have to make sure of so many things. make sure they eat properly, they study on time. dont over sleep, and most of all, dont spend all their day watching telly and face-booking. and i have to make sure, the house is in its presentable-state. i dont really have to cook, cause we have a cook who makes us what ever we want to eat. but thats not easy too, i have to tell him this has to be made, and all the things to needed to make it, are available at home.

everything is a mess. big MESS. =S

p.s my university was to be started from the morning, but luckily, now its been postponed till wednesday, probably cause of the rains. or IDK. my best friend in uni is leaving for dubai, tomorrow, so i actually want the uni to remain closed till she comes back, probably after a week.

p.p.s sorry for not commenting on all of your posts, i come online in a hurry, but i make sure i read them all.

p.p.p.s OVAIS i still have your tag in mind. i hope i post it soon.


  1. I can't imagine how stressful it must be being in charge of all of your siblings! I'm an only child, so I can't really relate. Mr. A is kind of like a giant kid, though, and I have to watch out for him. So ... maybe?
    That's not similar at all.
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  2. At least, now you have relevant experience for looking after the kids--in case you decide a day care facility-- There is money in that.

    By now, you must have attained enough experience of anger management too while dealing with your siblings.
    Most of all, you are more attached to your parents.
    God bless you all----

  3. Being Head at home is not an easy task... :)
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  4. My sis lives in hostel and I'm kinda jealous of her and always tell her that I want to be in a hostel, too. To which she says 'jab jao ge to pta chalay ga' :P
    I just wanna experience living all alone once :]

  5. I would LOVE to be taking care of all that.
    I do it anyway, even with my parents in the house. I'm like the person whom everything revolves around =D

    But it sucks if you're not prepared. Good luck!!

  6. hmmm....its human nature...we all want independence and when we get it then we long for the old days...hope your parents come back soon... you are doing a great job for your siblings... :)

  7. @BONIE.. no thats not similar at all :P and well u take care of siblings cause u love them. being an only child must have some perks too =)

    @TARIQ MIAN.. im very attached to my parents.
    and anger-management, its something i can never learn to take care of.

    @ASMA.. totally agree.

    @IFRA.. lol, but living in hostel means u only have to look after yourself, so that HAS to be better than this :P

    @OVAIS.. ure a good bacha, no doubt =)

    @ISRAR..thankeww so much for boosting my courage!

  8. With great powers come great responsibilities. :-P

  9. Oh gosh! *_____*
    I'd never be able to take all that pressure/stress.
    Good Luck!

  10. Awww .
    sometimes its fun to be all alone but in stressful situations one cant get along for sure.
    take care sweets xx

  11. Yeah, i know, man!!!!
    my siblings are an irritation when parents are not around,
    they just don't listen,
    and its really hard to take the responsibility
    and, my best friend left for U.S.A yesterday, we talked just a few minutes before his flight, and i was like sobbing at the end,
    its hard to leave your best friend.
    good luck,
    and keep smiling

  12. Wow this sounds very stressful. Yeah I babysit my cousins all the time so I know how you feel. My best friend has left for the UK and I miss her everyday =( Don't worry. Everything will be fine IA.

  13. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  14. i read ur last post and this one. i'm sorry for ur loss... may Allah give u strength... amin

  15. You know, you said that you're doing some thinking.
    Do you usually not think? =D

  16. good luck girlie. dont stress out!

  17. hope everything works better for you! stay strong!

    jos xx

  18. yeah that freedom wali excitement remains kuhc din bess. After that you start to miss everything. Its a natural thing whatever remains away from you for some time you start to miss.

    And About being the Head of the house :p It has fun too and a feeling of care and love as you care them :)

    Enjoy the experience :)

  19. I am sorry for your lost .And in this post I can not disagree with you ,Mahnoor.

    Best of luck for everything.

    Follow each other .