Thursday, 15 September 2011

happy yet sad. relieved yet humiliated.

wasnt the rain like uh-mazing? it was beautiful. though i feel bad for the homeless people, i mean they had a tough time draining out the water from their small homes, and fretting about how much more this rains gonna cost them, but, apart from that, it was great. the weather was unbelievable. i  had a hard time believing, that its actually Karachi, and not Islamabad or Lahore.

i stood by the window, most of the time, and enjoyed the beautiful raindrops falling. the circular motion made by the droplets, in the water, was so mesmerizing and inspiring. guess what i did, i played backstreet boys first record, millenium. it was so much fun, i sung my heart out. my old, favourite songs!

the rain messed up the lines and the cables. phone lines and electricity lines. every half an hour the power went off. it was hard to the generator switched on, and then off, for short time spans, after every little while. then my cable net was effed up. three days without internet, ugh. and on the top of all, the ptcl lines were messed up too. can you believe it? no net, no light, no phone? yeah, it felt like i am living in the fucking STONE-AGE. grrrr. my cell phones battery isnt really good, and i have to charge my phone usually twice a day to make sure its power wont go off (and i  dont text much now, i am over texting) so i had to use my phone only when it were very urgent and important, cause of the frigging electricity. so hell yeah, it felt as if, Pakistans back in stone-age. GOD BLESS PAKISTAN! *sarcastic smile*

mom and dad are back. they got back home yesterday. i finally could take a big sigh of relief *whewww*. moms not really doing fine. she keeps on crying, telling me about everything there. i cried so much yesterday too. i got back to my senses. my numbness was gone, and my tears actually came out of my eyes, finally. i cried my eyes off then. its such a big loss, everytime i think about it, i cry, for i know, we have lost a gem.

every ones super sad, back there in Lahore too. nano (gran-ma), mamus (uncles) and khalas(aunts). =c all i say is HE IS STILL WITH US. HE LIVES, AND WILL ALWAYS LIVE IN OUR HEARTS.

now, apart from all this, something crazy and totally humiliating happened yesterday. i was talking to my friend. he is a guy friend, and we are pretty close. anyways, when i was texting him, i wrote this big, lengthy, 3 page text to my youngest mamu and khala. i wrote how helpless i am, and how sad is mom still. and that take good care of yourself. and wrote alot more, this sorta caring stuff. i ended the text, by writing, i love you, alot. and i am sorry i am not there with you right now. x x.
and i sent this text to him, mistakenly. i mean my friend. can u believe it? i dint know i sent him, this personal piece of my writing, and so i got a text from him, he saying, since when did u love me? :o annnnnnnnnnnnnnnndddd dammit. it was sooooooo humiliating. i mean, yea i love him, but just as a friend, and would never be in like love LOVE with him. crap. i felt like ripping my hair off my own head, and going in some planet where he doesnt know i exist.

touch phones suck, MAJORLY. so if u use one, double check before sending any text.

how i texted him back, that just i know :P

p.s imma make sure i read all your posts soon, and comment too. i missed blogger these last few STONE-AGE days, and missed you guys more. =)


  1. hope all of you come back to normal soon and these sad days are over sooner... yes with rain, the problems like electricity, phone and net inevitably come... at least you didnt have to drain the water from your home... :)
    and the text thing...uff... i did it once or twice and it was like the most embarassing thing... i dont know about touch but samsung mobiles are real bad when texting....

  2. man!!!, that humiliating thing happened to me once too,
    i sent a text to my teacher, and it was for my friend,
    and only i, the god and my teacher knows what was in that text,

  3. haha it happened with me too....actually it happens with me alot :D
    Well i hate the rain in this way when you cut off with everyone...irritating isnt it? :\

  4. Esh. I hope things are better really soon. :)
    And touch screens are slooow. :| I don't own one, but enough embarrassment has happened with a QWERTY only :/
    Your blog template is calm and pretty, I'm following you now =)

  5. Well your friend didnt confirm even once that Mere liye ha ? :P

    It happens with everyone. You want to text someone and you text somebody else without knowing it...

    It rained here too for last few days and I love it too !!..But God Help all of those who are affected from these FLOODS.

  6. Hahahha that happened with me so many times. Once i texted my own father, the text was all about him. I was telling my cousin to lock our albums from him and God it was all a mess up but i escaped and deleted that text form his cell before he could read it. :P

    And i love the rainy weather not the rains. I don't know what's wrong with me. :p

  7. hey! I couldnt read your last posts..sorry to hear about your Nana ji..May his soul rest in peace.ameen.

  8. The whole audience is on your side with respect to your marhoom nana abu. May Allah bless him with one of the best places in the Hereafter--AMEEN.

    Regarding texting: big blunder with zero tolerance unless you right away send a second text clarifying, yet the irreparable damage is done in many cases.
    We all should remain mentally alert in future.

  9. @IMAD, acha? my first colored mobile was samsung :P i had a greeeaaat time texting with it =)

    @ATEEQ, lol, geeez, teacher? the sound of it is preeeeeeety off :S

    @ROSETTE PRINCESS, i know right! i mean rain is fun, but the cutting off doesnt makes it any fun.

    @CRYSTAL, i have a touch qwerty :P sooooo u can imagine now, lol

    @KN, lol, ure a hero. u saved the day ;-)

    @MISHI, amen :)

    @TRIQ MIAN, amen. and we should. i duble check now before sending any.

  10. @IMAD, i was talking to him then. and was waiting for his reply. lol, anyway it was just a misunderstanding. glad every things cool now!

  11. So sorry to hear about your grandfather.

    I liked reading your blog. And I can relate to the two-time-battery-charging, touch-screen cellphone. Made some huge blunders in my life with it hehe :-p

    And and and I love rain :-)

  12. Rain in Karachi is always a pleasurable surprise ;D

    Haha, the txt thing happened with me too. I once send a txt to my Khala which I meant to send to my friend who just had a break up.

    Imagine the amount of lies I had to generate in order to make her calm and satisfied =p

    And I wish it'd rain today. Maaza aajaye ga.