Saturday, 1 October 2011

another RANDOM life update!

well hello. i feel like myself today. whewww, feels great actually =)

lifes good, though its super super tiring! i havent really been stressed this much, ever, in any of my semesters before. i have frigging classes all week long, except for wednesday, which i end up going too, cause there something i have to complete, or my friends say we will do group study, here in the university. yeah, that helps, a lot, but u know, preeeeeety tiring when u have to be there till 3 4ish everyday.

i got back at around 4ish home, from the bloody class. i actually was very excited, i love making illustrations, and i thought, this would be the one subject i wont mind taking on saturdays, which i was super wrong about, obviously. i am so frazzled. ugh. i hate the teacher, shes a bitch. shes made fashion illustrations F into fucking illustration, like seriously. last week she gave us this theme, textile prints, in 1960s. today, she said, i just need textile prints, and i want your mood-board by the end of the class. which wasnt fair, cause today the theme was changed. it was only textile prints, which on one side was easier, but dude we'd already have researched 1960s, yeah? well she messed up our moods, totally. and we couldnt do anything by the end of the class today! nothing. i went to her, to show her a few pictures, i thought wouldnt be so stilted, but i got insulted instead of getting any major help. yeah, she really is sucha bitch. she graded our last weeks assignment today, and when we asked her for our grades, she was like super mad, she said, i wont tell u that, that i cant! then i said, mam we wanna know where we are right and where we are wrong, and she said, in the next class, i want you to present your work to me,in front of the whole bloody class, i will let u know whats wrong with your work and whats not! oh yeah, imagine the insanity we have to deal with.

an year ago, i used to fight with my dad, saying, aba gee, i wanna be a fashion designer, i couldnt be able to cope up with the engineering stuff, all the maths and measurement, which now i realise was totally wrong. i am doing fashion designing now(yeah i know it sounds so amusing and everything, but NO, trust me, its even patheticer than engineering) and nothing is easy! mark my words, as long as you enjoy what you are doing, amazing. otherwise, u cant expect math to be difficult, and art subjects easy. cause nothing is easy.
yes, i love what i do, and thats possibly why, i am still doing it with all my heart, no matter how many times i abuse my teacher, and thats only why i end up getting good grades other than flunking it.

so other than the class, we have the students councils elections going on. its so amazing, every ones giving us treats and their badges, and there are banners and posters of them. campus looks so awesome these days, but despite all the buttering, seniors are doing, i still havent made my mind, to whome im going to give my vote to. guess what i and my group did today? we took all the stickers, we got from this guy, and we put it on the banners, exactly on the face of the opposing team :P geeez it was so much fun, everyone was staring us with WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LOSERS UPTO looks, and we were laughing crazily.

on the other hand, the darker side, i have sooo much homework to be done by the weekend :S so fucking much, but imma take today off from all the homework, and enjoy songs and watch a movie or so!

sometimes you take a lot of stuff for granted, and then it goes away, cause of your silliness, and the you are left with NOTHING. dont let that NOTHING, come anywhere near you. you are the best, and you deserve the best!:D
so wish me luck, stay happy and enjoy what u have, thats what life and people taught me in the last few days.


  1. awwwwwww thats so rude of ur teacher really i h.a.t.e teachers :@
    Fashion designing?? cool u know what...em also gonna do the same :P i just cant get my head in all the sciences ugh em kinda creative so i have made up my mind for fashion.
    Well don't be so much stressed everything will be fine =)

  2. Home work has always been ridiculous. And teachers, they tend to forget they were Once human and they were Once students. :/
    But yaay, Fashion Designing is the coools :D You will ultimately do well inshallah :)

  3. Wow, that teacher is such a bitch =O Good uck with your assignments!
    I actually believe in pursuing your passion. Like I love Chemistry (Yes insane I know), but I know I will continue to study it no matter what.
    Stay strong, Mahnoor =) One day when you're a famous fashion designer, don't forget your faithful followers ;D

  4. Fashion Designing sounds interesting and cool.
    Best of LUCK!

  5. I love what you said about work being work but enjoying what you do. Arts are by no means any easier, but loving them are a huge part of staying on top:)

  6. Well. You're doing what you love. So you'll take all the stuff that people throw at you. And you'll be awesome at doing it. :D

    Ooh, and good luck!!!

  7. @rosette princess.. go for it! but i can see u becoming an awesome writer as well :) but do whatever your heart tells to you:)

    @crystal.. homeworks have mad our life shitty :S

    @areesha.. dude, become a chemical engr, that would suit you perfecty :) and no, i wont forget my love;y followers :)

    @hamza.. thanks :)

    @peevee.. yes indeed :)

    @ovais.. inshAllah :)
    and thanks a bunch :)

  8. hey
    thankyou for dropping by and leaving that precious comment..! :)
    following u
    and your blog is pretty..! :)

  9. And I made a huge comment on the last post regarding how similar our situation is and voila, Blogger ate my comment. :S
    And oh oh, my name is Aayushi. You can call me so if you wish :D

  10. well... if you researched the prints of 1960s, no matter if you cannot use it in your assignment, you can still use it in your future designs, as we see the retro-fashion is back... and with so many fashion designers, i think to sustain in the industry, one has to be different and constantly of luck for you exam and your future, :) hopefully someday we will get a LABEL of your own :)

  11. I was actually thinking of doing just that =)

  12. after reading this all i'd say is that honey take deep breaths. and ease your mind. and teachers are.. well, i know how they pick on some specific students and develop baseless prejudice against them (btw isn't prejudice always baseless?). i've had some of those teachers .

    tell you what? when you realize that these teachers are in a way helping us for our future (to endure people in our life even though they are intolerable bastards)you'll get the strength to tolerate them. and maybe get a laugh out of it someday.