Monday, 10 October 2011

crowded home!

i read at OVAIS's post when he got a 100 followers, that hes had a great time here, so far, and that he follows around 200 blogs. it got me thinking, if i am welcoming, and open hearted enough, i might get a 100 followers too:P do from now on wards, i will be super sweet and super appreciative to every one:)

me and MAHNOOR, are now chat friends from pen friends :) and i am sooooo phycsed about it. despite being such a frigging awesome writer, she is a super awesome pal :)so a shout out to mahnoor. and congrats on you, becoming a KHALA :) she changed my perceptions about other girls named mahnoor, cause so far the mahnoor's i have met, or i know, they are all so weird, really!

well, my house is crowded these days. i live in a three bedroom apartment, which is sufficient enough, though i have to share my room with my younger sister. and when ever, even a single person comes to stay over, everything just turns around. my chachu is here, dads elder brother, and even though he is pretty known to me, its a little awkward hauling my butt around the house.

my khala is coming over too, with her two kids. so house is ready to be crowded-er. her daughter is 2, and her son is yet to be one. he crawls, and is the most cutest baby boy i have seen in my life:) he is going to make a handsome boy, and makes me wish i were born now, instead of twenty years back, so in the latter years i had a chance on him;) lame right, haha.

bloggings an off, specially in these tiring university days. but it is still a place i visit whenever i am frazzled, and dont wanna do any thing. your lovely blogs make me fresh:)
pardon me if i havent commented lately, i will make sure i do, soon!


p.s mahnoor, most of all you:) tell me if this ones any better :)


  1. Don't worry about guests because they are REHMAT for you, because you have a chance to please them which pleases Allah SWT.

    I am only worried if the rooms are over-crowded with too much furniture and stuff.

    About your writing skills: Yes! you are getting there -- just remember to reply/respond to every comment in order to improve your own skill.

    Your's is nice post.
    Have a lovely day!

  2. u just lost me when u said the thing about mahnoor,
    i really didn't get all of this,
    what's happening????
    i really missed something :P :/

  3. hmm...the only mahnoor i knew for so long was the actress mahnoor baloch..and then on blogger i found two very awesome mahnoors :)
    kher... we are not here for an english class so no need to improve :) your blog is refreshing and light :)

    well yes when one has limited space in home and then guests come then it really become difficult but a day or two one can manage, but if guests are for like a month or two then God help us :)

    hope you will be just fine even when having all these guests :)

  4. Aren't you weird too? :P
    LOL, joking.

    I got a 100 followers because they love hearing me talk about her. Shall I find a guy for you? :P

  5. Mahnoor changing Mahnoor's view about Mahnoors haha :D and yay at that two kids. Don't worry you'll have an amazing time entertaining the guests. They sound awesome to me atleast :D

  6. ah i am so bad at reading these days,
    stabs a knife directly into my chest,
    urghhhh, so many mahnoors kill one, nothing really matters,
    i got it all in the second go, i should avoid skipping lines, :P

  7. Awww it's so cute you have a penfriend =D So many people? =O I live in a three bedroom apartment as well so yeah I can imagine =|

  8. honey seriously mahnoors are WEIRD. and i love ya honey, you're fun to talk to. so you don't fall into that category unless you too have a huge temper and mood swings that can only be seen in pregnant women (oh yeah. most mahnoors are that)

    and honey this was awesome. and to tell you the truth there isn't anything wrong with the expression itself, cuz ur blog is uplifting:). you just needed a push into refining your writing. and it's going really well.

    sorry ive been away a while, since i became a khala:P but ive been really down and busy. and hopefully that phase has passed.

    about the guests, i dunno. i mean yes they are Allah ki rehmat and all. but i guess ive had it with socializing too much. i hate meeting people. except of course my friends:P but i usually hate intruders of a home life. hate's a strong word. i guess im irritated and annoyed when my life is disrupted. so i know how u feel.

  9. Remember how I was your third follower? :P

  10. And where on Earth are you, Mahnooooooor? (I imagine myself actually stretching the Oos and its perfect :D)

    And you will get your fair share of readers Sooon, insha'Allah! Patience

  11. Aww haha G;ad you've found a new frnd :P