Wednesday, 5 October 2011

my best friend is getting married!!!!!

i voted. i voted for the people i thought deserved it the most. my university needs some major changes to be made soon. there is so much a fashion institute needs and we are just zero to that average.
voting is over today, and if you dont understand what i mean, u ought to check my last post. anyway, in the last days, the competition got very strong. and everybody wanted to play his role and bring the best students council, ever. i hope we do, seriously. the last students council were all teachers pets. they did just nothing at all, except getting better links with teacher, which in turn got them gooooood grades.  this is how Pakistani politics works.

my best friend is getting married. we used to live together around 8 years back, in multan, when both of our dads were posted there. yes, her dad is also in army. we were like the next door neighbors, and we spent like 18 hours a day, TOGETHER. now she is still in multan, its her dads last postig, and they chose multan cause thats where they belong. anyways, they are super rich, the ultimate land-lords of multan. crazy rich, indeed. she is going to have the perfect wedding ever. she ordered her lehnga to zara zardozis, which is for 2.5 lakh, yes. oh. my. god, right? i cant believe it. since she has told me, i have like this stomach ache, donno why. i mean, yeah i have been to weddings in which brides have worn a 4 lakh dress, but imagining your best friend wearing 2.5 lakh jora, does creeps me.
she is so pretty mashAllah, and i am sure she will make the perfect bride. and the coolest thing is her in-laws are richer. her man-to-be is an MBA graduate, and he has done it in England. good for her, yeah?
 i am still not sure if imma go there, cause multan is like far, far from here, but i guess once  her card comes, we will make plans accordingly. nowhere in hell i wanna miss her wedding. i mean who would wanna miss her best freinds wedding, which is going to be super awesome.

my university friend needs a speech on the word love. i am searching something for her, but i guess i will have to write something for her, myself. sometimes you have to do stuff, totally out of the blue for your friends. this is not the first time, imma write something, but she has to present it in front of the director so it has to be good.

i have been doing my homework, which took me 4 hours straight. and i am still left with one more assignment. life is good but its super exhausting. and on the top of all, i have a history of costume class tomorrow, which is all theory, and i feel bored already!


  1. You wrote 'rich' more than anything else.
    Makes me wonder, are you planning on getting married for money? :o :P

    I can write a book on love.
    Simply write about love for your family, your friends, easy. Easier if you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, haina? :P

  2. lol noooo, i just envy her, a lot i guess :P
    marriage has to be based purely on love i think. but money matters too :P

    and yeah, i wrote a little something. hopefully the director will like it!

  3. exactly money matters...cuz if you marry for love only with no money, i guess hunger eats up the love and then there's nothing left !
    I wish i had a friend who did assignments and speeches etc. for me !

  4. Hi Mahnoor, where is my comment? Have you discarded it or did I post it at some other destination/location?
    Anyways, I have gone through your post.
    About writing on LOVE is so good because you love writing, don't you?--of course you do.

    I hope your friend gets both a good husband with money as a full package. May God bless your friend with your sincerity and a good married life. Amen.
    Multan is a good city but mango season is already gone. If you go, I do hope you will enjoy the trip.

  5. May Allah bless the new couple Ameen =)
    Have fun <3

  6. 2.5 lakh? Yikes =| I'm happy for your friend, I truly am, but I really don't understand what's the need to weddings to be so expensive? =\ Generally! Not just talking about your friend here.

    Oh well, I hope she has a very happy married life =)

  7. good luck to the bride-to-be. talk about extravagant weddings. oh well, people generally waste a lot on weddings. sorry, i don't wanna be rude about your friend but that's what my view is.

    anyway, rich? i dunno whether to call her lucky or not, since richness doesnt define anything though i hope the guy she is marrying, is a gentleman.

    mahnoor, i hope you won't think of me as a know-it-all snob but i want to give you some pointers for your writing.

    firstly, use punctuation, that makes it easy to understand.

    secondly use the same tense throughout what ever it is you're writing about.

    thirdly, consider thoroughly when you need to start a new paragraph. (and try writing in MS word.)

    i'm sorry but i can't help it. i've always been a "corrector" of my group. i hope you don't mind :*

    p.s. i hope you got my number:)

  8. wow...2.5 lakh suit... i think if i count all the money spend on dresses of my whole wouldnt make up 2.5 :P
    well i guess if she is pretty, any dress would have done it..but she can afford... :) best of luck to her future life :)
    and you must go if you can coz it happens only once in a lifetime so...

    i could write a speech on love..but only nakaam love :P

    and life is exciting when it is exhausting because it gets boring when luck with your assignemnts...and yes pakistani politics means you want to be elected not to serve public but to serve your own univ politics is no different ... God help us...

  9. i am so against such expensive weddings, but when people have money, they tend to show it off this way!

    @mahnoor. not at all:) i love you helping iprove my writing by giving me pointers :)